The puppies are growing!

The puli puppies are three weeks old and have really developed a lot this past week. A few days ago they got to try puppy food for the first time. Even if this picture is just a few days old it feels like they have grown a lot since it was taken.

10565929_771768402875647_77779535_nThe puppies love the food that we give them, but until now Ester is still the favorite!  10584472_772743966111424_1934671745_n10588605_772743969444757_381391167_nThere is less space now… 10555234_772742029444951_69945606_nThe puppies have not only grown in size. Their fur is also longer.


10595876_772743949444759_463336824_nNow the puppies have been outside for the first time. They are still small, but 8 weeks will pass very quickly. We will cherish the next few weeks together with these lovely little creatures.