A colorful bunch


“Hey there little one!”


“What do you mean little one? I’m tougher than you think!”

How do we see who is who? It is not easy! We have used nailpolish to paint a little lock on each puppy. The puppies will be called “Blue bitch”, “Red bitch”, “Black bitch”, “Blue dog”, “Red dog”, “Black dog” based on the nail polish color until we have decided their names.


Blue dog playing with Wilma


The puppies have been outside to discover both grass, stones, wood and other surfaces. They have become more active and have started barking, growling, challenging each other to play, but also cuddle with us. They are so lovely!

Black dog:

BlackDog2 BlackDog1

Red dog: (He is the only one with a little white on his chest)

RedMale.. RedDog

Blue dog:


Red bitch:


Blue bitch:

Bluebitch Bluebitch2

Black bitch:

Svarttik Blackbitch1 Blackbitch