We call her “Siri”


Isn’t she cute?!

We call her “Siri” but her pedigree name is Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer. That is a suiting name because in a litter with 6 puppies she is the calmest… Of course she can also be wild and play, but we often see her sitting next to us, looking up at us with her doll eyes. She is a charmer!

We are looking for a home for “Siri”. If you are interested in a puppy, or know someone who wants a puli, then please contact us on +46-35-42823 or leppajoki@icloud.com.


We will keep a dog that we will call “Kafka” with the pedigree name Vallklanens Devon Showstopper.

DSC_0029 DSC_0034 DSC_0041

We still have “Bjorn”, Vallklanens Dartmoor Wild Child, here at home with us. He will move to England later this fall.


Three puli puppies have already moved to their new families and we are happy to hear that they are doing well!

“Vera”, Vallklanens Devon Heartbreaker, lives with Cajsa and her family that already has dogs. “Bea”, who is a bearded collie, is one of them. She also comes from us at Vallklanen. Bea and Vera seem to have fun together.

Vera1 Vera2 Vera6

“Yatzy”, Vallklanens Dartmoor Adventurer, has moved to Ulrika, Ramon and their family. They have many years of experience with dogs, but this is their first puli.

Yatzy kopia

“Hjördis”, Vallklanens Devon Country Girl, has moved to Jenny and her family who are breeders of puli under the kennel name Szarcsas.  We look forward to follow and also meet this lovely bitch in the future.

Hjördis2 Hjördis3