It has been a cold weekend and we can feel that the winter is coming. On saturday we woke up to a beautiful, frosty, sunny november day.

DSC_0039nyDSC_0056nyDSC_0071nyDSC_0008nyDSC_0057nyDSC_0013nyToday we went to a small dog show with Kafka and Elsa competing in the puppy class. Sally came a long as good company.


We won a dog rain-coat in the lottery. It will fit Kafka perfectly in a few months. IMG_4475ny

This dog show in Moheda was the premiere for Kafka (Vallklanens Devon Showstopper) and he did a great job.  He was the only puli but did really well and was BOB-puppy. Today was a long day for 4 month old Kafka, with many new impressions. We will probably sleep very deep tonight 😉

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Elsa (Vallklanens Armadale Gal) was doing really well in the ring. She has been very playful and it has been difficult to show her in the ring in the past. Today we could really tell that she felt confident in the ring as she has done this a few times already. We think she is a beautiful bearded collie bitch, and so did the judge. She was BOB-puppy.


We see a bright future for these two!