Leo & Nova


We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have puppies at Vallklanens kennel this summer. Just a few days ago Vallklanens Northern Light “Nova” mated with Alistairs Uppercut “Leo”. 

They both have lovely temperaments. Leo is a real teddybeard and Nova is very positive and sweet. They have done the require hip health test and have HD A.

LeoNova LeoOchNova

Leo is a charming dog. When he was one years old he had both been BIS puppy twise at all breed dog shows and had recieved 3 CACs at his first three dog shows. He lives with his breeders, at Alistair’s kennel. Leo is black

Nova is a very sweet and feminine bitch. She lives with Ida. This summer Nova will come to live with us at Vallklanens Kennel. Nova has just been shown as a junior at a dog show and then she got and “excellent”. Nova is blue.

The puppies will have the following pedigree and are expected in the end of june:

Alistair’s Uppercut CH Beastly’s Lancelot Du Lac CH Malandex Xcalibur
CH Beastly’s Never Mind
CH Alistair’s Lady Marmalade CH Alistair’s It Takes Two To Tango
CH Alistair’s Fly Me To The Moon
Vallklanens Northern Light Philemon Breaking News CH Pipadene Roving Reporter
Moonhill Lady In Blue
Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty CH Spirit Of Caledonia David
CH Beardmarked’s Named Tequila