Midsummer puppies


Nova got five puppies on midsummer’s eve, the 19th of june.

Leo, Alistair’s Uppercut is the sire. Everyting went really well. Nova is doing great as a mother, so everything is as it should be.  IMG_0076 IMG_0087 IMG_0062

There were 4 bitches and one dog in the litter. All are black except one bitch who is blue. We are looking forward to see these small ones grow up! IMG_0046 IMG_6332 IMG_6337 IMG_6333 IMG_6339 IMG_0050

The other dogs are very curious but they are not yet welcome to say hello to the puppies. The most eager one is Wilma, the puppies “grandmother”. She comes running as soon as she hears a sound from the puppies.


Happy midsummer!