Heat wave


In Sweden we have had a few days with really hot and sunny weather. Today the humidity hit us as if we were in the tropics. Perhaps the rain is approaching? Luckily the dogs have been able to swim in the lake several times a day.


DSC_0058Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) loves to swim!

Kafka also likes to get wet. He, however, likes to keep his head above water when he is swimming. The reslut is a really awesome 80’s hairdo 🙂


Then back to playing again. Nova and Kafka have a lot of fun together!DSC_0053DSC_0060The puppies are doing fine. Dispite the warm weather they have been well. The blue bitch is a real charmer. She is chubby and her fur i growing. Right now she’s got a bit of an “evil” look, but for sure that’s just a phase…


Now back to take a dip in the lake again…