Flower puppies

The puppies were born 6 weeks ago, on midsummer eve. We have decided to give them summer flower names. They are registered in the swedish kennel club and we have recieved the pedigrees.

The black bitches are called Vallklanens Kamomill, Vallklanens Acleja and Vallklanens Cikoria. The blue bitch is called Vallklanens Förgätmigej and the black dog Vallklanens Riddarsporre.

DSC_0019The puppies love to be outside. They are climbing, running and exploring the garden. Now they have also become more independent and they sometimes run off by themselves.


Today Kafka has figured out that the puppies are a lot of fun. Previously he has been a bit sceptical of these small “things” but now they are a lot of fun!DSC_0157DSC_0103



The blue bitch is flirting with her great aunt Sally:


“Totte” also looks up to his great aunt:


Best of all are mother Nova and grandmother Wilma:


Ester keeps an eye an the puppies: DSC_0173

Valle and Nisse have been visiting us in Äskilt:


Inger is getting some love from Sally, Kafka and Nova:


Mona and Perry came with their four dogs to visit us in Äskilt for a couple of days. It has been so much fun! We went for a ride and brought Imla (Vallklanens Melrose Lass) with us. We first went to visit her sister Elsa (Vallklanens Armadale Gal) and after that we went to Pernilla in Äskilt who has finally got her little boy Jackpott home:



Today we went for a walk with all the dogs before Mona, Perry and their dogs left.