The puppies are 8 weeks old.

Our “midsummer puppies” are already 8 weeks old. The past couple of weeks have passed so quickly. The bearded collie “Bea” (Vallklanens Bright as Daylight) and the puli “Vera” (Vallklanens Devon Heartbreaker) came with their family for a visit a couple of weeks back. It was really nice to see them!

Vera, Ester and Kafka:


Kajsa and Bea:IMG_0548

Bea loves to swim!IMG_0549

The puppies are gowing and are very playful! DSC_0268DSC_0266

They have found a new favourite place to rest. That is under a small house in the garden where it is cool in the sand. Meja has dug herself a nice bed. DSC_0321DSC_0283

A couple of days ago we tried to take the traditional “sofa picture” with all the puppies.

DSC_0010Even if this is the smallest litter we have had, it has been the hardest group picture to take. “Totte” was so nice and calm and sat still, looking into the camera most of the time. The blue bitch “Meja” on the other hand, was wild jumping up and down and changing places. Two of the black bitches were tired and just wanted to lay down, while Vallklanens Ackleja thought this was really fun and just wanted to play. Pjuh… I guess we did the best we could 🙂


Vallklanens Riddarsporre “Totte”, Vallklanens Cikoria, Vallklanens Kamomill, Vallklanens Ackleja and Vallklanens Förgätmigej “Meja”:DSC_0042sqNova, of course, also wanted to be close to her puppies.


Now the first puppies have moved to their new homes. “Totte” will be living with a family in Oxelösund:

IMG_0661IMG_0671IMG_0665Kamomill, or “Milla” (as she might be called) left yesterday and “Meja” will leave in a couple of days. We also have a black bitch who will move to Norway, but will stay with us for a couple of more weeks.

It feels very emply in the house. The three puppies that are still here are lighting up the mood!


Today Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) also left. Thank you Ida for letting us have Nova here with us this summer. She has given us 5 lovely puppies! We will miss her. DSC_0025