At work

Kafka, Ester and Agnes went to the nursing home to visit Rune, Sonia and many more of the elderly living there.

Rune has had dogs himself and loves it when the dogs jump up in his bed next to him. He often asks when “the black one” is coming, meaning Ester. Rune is interested in our activities and always asks us how our dogs are doing, and how it has been going at dog shows and other competitions.


Agnes wants to join:IMG_1021

Now Agnes and Kafka are next to Rune, and we are looking at Agnes’ teeth. IMG_1016

We visit more people. Some of the elderly might not take a lot of initiative to move when they are by themselves. Somehow the dogs encourages them to reach out a hand and to feel the coat. We can see that the dogs bring a lot of happiness to many of the people we visit.


Sonia has also had many dogs and she is happy when she gets to cuddle with Kafka and Agnes.  IMG_1028IMG_1031

After some hard work it is time to rest. Agnes takes a nap on the kitchen floor.


Both Rune and Sonia have given us consent to use photos of them in this blog. Rune is looking forward to see the photos, so we will have to show him this blog now that it is published (Hi Rune!).

Have a good weekend everyone!