Bea & Bailey

The fawn littermates Bea and Bailey, who will soon turn 3 years old, both made the top 10 list for agility 2015 in the Swedish bearded collie club (SBC).

Bea och Bailey

Photo: Annelie Eek

A big congratulations to Tina Nilsson and her Bailey (Vallklanens Source of Light) who came in 6th place::

Annelie Eek Bailey 4

Photo: Annelie Eek

Bailey 3

Photo: Annelie Eek

Bailley 2

Photo: Annelie Eek


Photo: Tina Nilsson

A big congratulations to Annelie Eek and her Bea (Vallklanens Bright as Daylight) who came in 5th place:

Bea och Annelie

Photo: Cajsa Svärd


Photo: Cajsa Svärd

Bea bus

Photo: Annelie Eek

Hurray!! We are really happy and proud breeders.

Congrats all the others who made the top 10 list. Great job!

2015 Agility top 10