Welcome Märta

Now we have finally got our puppie Märta (Natterjack Starshine) after Lipton (CH. Lärkängens Aiming for the stars) and Lula (CH. Malandex Xploits with Natterjack).

Exactly one week ago we started our trip to England. Sally came along as company. The first day we made it all the way to Dunkerque in France. After a day with constant rain we were really lucky to see the sun when we finally made it to the coast. We went for a wonderful, but windy, walk along the beach.

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On sunday the 31st of january we took the tunnel from Calais to Folkestone and met up with David Hyde at a dog show in Bognar Regis. He was showing Margot (Natterjack Dwarka’s Dream) who not only was BOB but also BIG. Congrats!

IMG_9307 IMG_9313

Margot is a lovely bitch and is also a half sister to Märta.

In the afternoon we went to Portsmouth to finally meet with Märta. She was called Myrtle before and it is a very lovely name. We still call her both Märta and Myrtle. I think that will not change. In Sweden we say that a loved child has many names….

We got to cuddle a lot with Märta and with her brother Archer (Natterjack Starman). Archer will stay with David and Debbie. Märta and Archer also have a litter sister called Carla who has already moved to her new home.

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We had a great time and really want to thank you David and Debbie for letting us stay with you (and of course for letting us bring Märta with us home).

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We started our trip back home again. We took it really easy. The first day we just drove for a couple of hours back to the tunnel. We slept in a cozy hotel and also made a quick stop to see the white cliffs of Dover.

IMG_1943IMG_9391 IMG_9410

Märta is a positive bitch. She wants to say hello to both people and dogs that we pass on our way. Her tail is constantly wagging. She has been easy going and been curious exploring new places. IMG_1941IMG_1935

She got many hours to sleep and relax in the car because the drive through Belgium, Holland and Germany took some time. We made a few stops along the way for the dogs to play.

IMG_9489 IMG_9481

We slept one final night in the north of Germany. The dogs followed us to the restaurant and Märta flirted with the other guests.

It was really nice to finally get back home. Kafka and Märta directly started playing. Now Märta has been with us for a few days and we love her already. We are excited to see how she grows and develops and we are looking forward to get to know her. We will start a puppy class on monday. To be continued….

Welcome to Sweden Märta!