Ester & Kilroys puppies

The 28th of july Ester got puppies! The sire is Kilroy (Bubbleton Act of Sin) who lives outside of Copenhagen in Denmark. He is a really nice dog!

Kilroy o Ester

The puppies have become one week old and they all seems healthy and strong. alla 2

In the litter there are 5 bitches and one dog, all black, so as you can imagine it will be difficult for us to see who is who. The male is of course easy to spot. One of the bitches has a diamond shaped white spot on her forechest, so she is also easy to find. So with 4 bitches remaining we have marked 3 of them with a tiny bit of nailpolish in different colors (red, pink and gold).


hane 3hane 2

Bitch 1 (Diamond):

diamant 3

Bitch 2 (Red):

röd 2röd 5

Bitch 3 (Pink):

rosa 2

Bitch 4 (Gold):

guld 3guld 1

Bitch 5:

svart 1svart 2