Almost 3 weeks old

On thursday the puppies will be 3 weeks old and now the fun begins. They can hear and see and they have also started to discover each other and the world. They have started walking very determined but still on shaky legs.

Ester continues to take well care of them. Today the puppies got to try “real” food for the first time, which was very much appreciated. (That is also why some of the puppies look a bit “dirty” in the pictures ūüôā )

Bitch 1 (Diamond):

diamant 1diamant 2

Bitch 2 (Red):

roŐąd 1roŐąd 3roŐąd 4

Bitch 3 (Pink):

rosarosa 1rosa 2

Bitch 4 (Gold):

guld 1guld 2guld 3

Bitch 5:

svart 1svart 3


hane 1hane 3hane 4

When the puppies are three weeks old we might take them outside for the first time, so keep your fingers crossed that we will have good weather this coming week.