Fingers crossed

Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) will hopefully get puppies in May. She was mated with Bingo (C.I.B SE UCH DK UCH Moonfellow free spirit) and now we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Nova was born here at Vallklanen in 2013.

Now she lives with Ida and her family in Borås. She has a lovely temper, is easy with other dogs and people, is positive and a pleasure to be around.

She has only been shown a couple of times as a junior, and then she was “excellent”.

In 2015 Nova had a litter here at Vallklanen, with 5 lovely puppies.

Now she is 5 years old and a beatiful, blue bitch.

Her hips are excellent (HD A) and her eyes are CEA free (N/N).

Bingo lives with Pernilla and her pack of beardie boys not far from us. We have met Bingo many times and like him a lot. Pernilla says he is a naughty boy with loads of energy, but we also know he is a cuddly boy who is very easy to love.

Bingo was born in Germany, has excellent hips (HD A) and is an international, swedish and danish champion. He has also passed an official herding instinct test and a tracking test. Read more about Bingo on the beardieboys website.


We wish you all a happy easter!