Vallklanen in Faurås

There were many dogs from Vallklanen that came to Faurås on the 21st of august.  Melvin 8 years old (after Sally & Clayton), Bea, Busan, Bailey, Wille and Malkin 5 years old, (after Wilma & Phille), Bilbo, Sigge and Dennis 4 years old (after Sally & Hebbe), Meija 3 years old (from Nova & Leo), Vera 4 years old (after Ester & Manny) and Edith 2 years old (after Ester & Kilroy). 

Then there were more dogs there. Our Wilma 10 years old, our Vinny 4 months old, our Ester 7 years old, Soya and Douglas 11 years old and Trolle. A big thank you to everyone who came and especially to Anette and Per who let us have the meet up at their home.