A new generation

This year we have got a new generation of bearded collies here at Vallklanen. In the beginning of june we welcomed Vinny (Hairdog’s My Beautiful Blue Girl). She is living with Anki just 10 min from us, but will be part of the Vallklanen family.

Here at home we had a litter with two puppies this summer. Ebba (Vallklanens you had me at hello) has moved with mother Nova to Borås but will be part of Vallklanen. Hopefully, if she develops nicely, if she has a good temper and is healthy, we will get a litter with her in a few years. Gösta (Vallklanens that’s the spirit) is living with relatives, so we will also meet him often.

Ebba, mother Nova, Gösta

Last week we finally met Lucy. She is bred by Edit Upor in Hungary, but has now moved to us in Sweden. She has a lovely temper, came with the airplane and did not seem bothered by the trip at all. She has been wagging her tail since the first time we met her. We are sure we will have lots of fun with this girl.

Lucy 8 weeks