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Earlier we have used this blog to share news and photos. Now we have started to use Instagram more and more, and this blog less and less. We don’t want to delete old blog posts, so we will not delete the blog. If you have the possiblity please follow @vallklanen on Instagram.

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Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är skacc88rmavbild-2020-10-21-kl.-21.30.10.png

2 bearded collie litters this summer

2020 is a strange year with many cancelled events, shows etc. We are still active with our dogs, but no shows or competitions will take place for quite some time. So we are happy that we will be occupied with puppies this summer.

Vinny just had a litter with 10 puppies sired by our Valle who will soon turn 10 years old. The puppies are in all colours; fawn, slate, blue and brown. They are all lovely!

Vallklanen Valle Vinny 2020 webben

Lucy will also have a litter soon. The sire is Silas (Old Smuggler’s Subzero Hero) and the puppies are expected in the very beginning of july.

Vallklanen Silas Lucy 2020webben

Kafka is a father

2019 Kafka continued his show career with success. He was BOG3 in both Ronneby and Visby (all-breed dog show) in late summer, and all the merits made him dog of the year in the swedish specialty club for hungarian bereeds (SvkFUR).

Kafka ended his show career this spring with a regional show for BOB and BOS dogs called Hallandshunden. There he came in 3rd place. Now he got a shorter haircut and will have a few years break from the show rings. Perhaps he will be back when he is a veteran, but for now long walks, hiking and other adventures are planned.

We are so happy because Kafka just sired a litter at Szarcsas kennel. Happily we will be able to follow a couple of them in the future.

Kafka BIS3 in Borås

Kafka and Anna went to the two day dog show in Borås a warm weekend in june. Kafka was best of breed for judge Maria Ceccarelli and won group 1 for judge Nemanja Jovanovic.

That meant they had to go back to Borås on the sunday to participate in the best in show – final. They became BIS3 for judge Tino Pehar. The dog show had almost 2900 entries, so we are really pleased with our lovely Kafka.

Thank you for the pictures and the support Gun and Mia, Mona and Jenny.

We are hoping for puppies

Freya (Vallklanens Blue Eclipse) is a blue bitch who lives on the swedish west coast. This spring she has temporarily moved to us in Äskilt, and we are hoping that she will have puppies. She has just been shown once as a junior and the judge awarded her an “excellent”. She has HD B. We love Freya because she is an uncomplicated, very friendly, cuddely and happy bitch.

It has just been a couple of weeks since Freya was mated with charming Assar (Alistair’s Way of life) who is a danish, norwegian and swedish champion. He has also done a BPH (Swedish KC behaviour and personality description). He is a sound, balanced, kind, cool dog. He has HD A.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Freya will get puppies in the beginning of May. We will know in the first week of April when we plan to do an ultra sound.

The year that has passed

2018 is coming to a close. We have so many nice memories with the dogs from the year that has passed.

One big change was the fact that Annas baby Marlon has got an obvious place in the pack. He likes the dogs and the dogs like him. Wilma sleeps next to Marlon when he is taking a nap, Lucy likes to play with Marlons toys and Marlon enjoys the long walks.

It has been a very hot summer in Sweden, but we have enjoyed staying a lot outdoors. Anna has been on a few hikes with Marlon in the backpack and we have taken walks in the forest picking lingonberries.

Valle and Nisse have gotten new haircuts. They look very cute! It is hard to imagine that Valle is already 8, almost 9 years old. Time flies. Ester also got a shorter haircut that she seems to enjoy.

It has been a good show year for Kafka and Edith. Kafka has become  BOB and BOS several times. The biggest success was when he was BIG2 in Ronneby. Edith has also been BOS a couple of times and she has now become a swedish and norwegian champion. The biggest success for Vallklanen was at the SvkFUR specialty where Edith got a CC, Kafka was BOS and his sister Hjördis was BOB and BIS2.

We had the pleasure of getting a litter after Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) and Bingo (CH Moonfellow free spirit). Ebba and Gösta are two lovely puppies that we are excited to follow.

We were hoping to get a litter from Meija (Vallklanens Förgätmigej) but unfortunately she got pyometra and needed surgery. That was of course very sad, but we are happy that she is happy and well again!

We were also hoping for a litter after Elsa, but that didn’t happen. Keep your fingers crossed she will have puppies in 2019!

We have a younger generation of bearded collies here at Vallklanen. Vinny came to us from Hairdog’s this year. She is so cute and very promisinig. She is living with Anki quite close to us but we have met many times. Vinny was best puppy in breed at her first show in september.

Lucy came to us from Edit Upor in Hungary. She is a naughty and creative bitch, but very easy to love. Lucy has been to many smaller club shows and has been BOB-puppy and BIG-puppy twice and BIS3 puppy once. At the danish bearded collie club specialty she was best puppy. 

One of the highlights of the year was the Vallklanen meetup in Falkenberg. We have such nice puppy buyers. It was a great day to catch up with a lot of them! 

A lot of Vallklanen-dogs are doing well at competitions and shows. Busan (Vallklanens Bright at dusk) did a Swedish KC behavior and personality description (BPH) with her owner Ingrid. What a nice team! The same day our Edith also did the BPH. We are so happy that Kafka’s sister Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) got her therapy dog diploma earlier this year. Her owner Sirpa has done a great job and spent a lot of time to get this done. Impressive!

Siri and little sister Emma (Vallklanens Sweet Swede) went to a show for the first time and Emma was 3rd best bitch. Well done! Sister Vera (Vallklanens Devon Heartbreaker) has done great in agility moving up a level. Licorice (Vallklanens Sweet Licorice) was shown at Crufts and Hjördis (CH Vallklanens Devon Country Girl) has been BOB a couple of times and, as mentioned earlier, BIS2 at the specialty.

Bilbo (Vallklanens Benbecula Boy) has also gotten a baby boy in the family, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing with their training. Bilbo got great results at his first ever rally obedience competitions. Bea (AGHD I Vallklanens Bright as daylight) also did great in agility and moved up a level. Congratulations.

We are sorry if we forgot to mention anyone. It is just so nice to know that there are many great ambassadors for the breeds (bearded collie and puli) out there!  Let us also say that what is most important is that the dogs we sell have a great home and are happy. Getting results at competitions is just icing on the cake.