Welcome Vinnie

We welcome Vinnie (Hairdog’s My Beautiful Blue Girl) to kennel Vallklanen.

Tina Jämthagen and Tina Berglund at kennel Hairdog’s are Vinnie’s breeders. Now Vinnie will live with my collegue and friend Anki. We think she will have a great home there. It is just 15 minutes from us and Anki will take Vinnie to the club to practice obedience and other dog sports. We will meet Vinnie often and take her to dog shows with us. We are really looking forward to get to know this blue girl.




We are enjoying the sunny and warm weather. Yesterday we took the boat out on lake Bolmen. Sally came along. 

When we got home we took the puppies out in the garden. Nova was very playful and happy to be outside and get some help from the other dogs with the puppies.



On saturday SvkFUR had a specialty show in Tidaholm. Anna went with our three puli and it was a very successful day.

Edith won the intermediate class and got a CAC:

Ester was runner up in the champion class:

Kafka was BOS:

We were so proud when BOB went to Kafkas sister Hjördis (Vallklanens Devon Country Girl). She later went on to win BIS 2 as well. Congratulations Jenny!

Judge was John-John Johnsson (SE).

The same day a third sister had a successful day competing, but in agility. She got a qualifying leg and is now moving up to compete in a higher level. Congratulations!

Photo: Annelie Eek (Picture taken at a different competition)

SBCs yearbook arrived. We are happy to see the beardies from Vallklanen who did well in 2017.

In Sweden the whole month of may has been beaufitul. The sun has been shining and it has been war. We are enjoying it as much as we can. Anna and Marlon took a couple of the dogs to a beautiful nature preserve an hour from home:

Now time to cuddle with the puppies.

Two stars

Today the two week old puppies were models. They have just opened their eyes and are trying to walk on their four legs.

The bitch:

The dog:



Nova and Bingo’s puppies

Nova got puppies on May 9th. The sire is Bingo (CH Moonfellow free spirit). We now have four puppies here at home, one bitch and three dogs. Unfortunately Nova had to get a c-section, but she is strong and took well care of the puppies from the first moment she met them.

We are hoping that they will all do fine and grow up strong. There are a couple that are very small and need some extra support, so please keep your fingers crossed.

Heat wave

We have had areal heatave here the past few weeks, bith summer temperatures. Wonderful but also hot. The dogs have been down to the lake ever day.

Valle and Nisse have got a summer haircut 🙂

The 5th of may Anna and Marlon went with Ester and Edith to the annual Ljungby meetup where there are usually more than 20 puli and pumi. It was a very hot day so Ester spent most of it with Marlon in the UV-tent. Edith, on the other hand, played a lot. Full speed!

Fingers crossed

Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) will hopefully get puppies in May. She was mated with Bingo (C.I.B SE UCH DK UCH Moonfellow free spirit) and now we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Nova was born here at Vallklanen in 2013.

Now she lives with Ida and her family in Borås. She has a lovely temper, is easy with other dogs and people, is positive and a pleasure to be around.

She has only been shown a couple of times as a junior, and then she was “excellent”.

In 2015 Nova had a litter here at Vallklanen, with 5 lovely puppies.

Now she is 5 years old and a beatiful, blue bitch.

Her hips are excellent (HD A) and her eyes are CEA free (N/N).

Bingo lives with Pernilla and her pack of beardie boys not far from us. We have met Bingo many times and like him a lot. Pernilla says he is a naughty boy with loads of energy, but we also know he is a cuddly boy who is very easy to love.

Bingo was born in Germany, has excellent hips (HD A) and is an international, swedish and danish champion. He has also passed an official herding instinct test and a tracking test. Read more about Bingo on the beardieboys website.


We wish you all a happy easter!

january 2018

We have been lucky to get lots of snow this january. We love it and the dogs love it!

We also took some photos for the bearded collie yearbook.



Good news

A couple of weeks ago we got the fantastic news that Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) with owner Sirpa got the certificate to work as a therapy dog / care dog. Well done and congratulations you two!

At the same time we were in Leipzig with Edith and Kafka.

We showed the dogs at the German winner show where Edith became German junior winner 2017.  They were also shown at the world dog show. Edith got an excellent and Kafka was 4th in the champion class. We are still happy because there were so many nice dogs there.

Home again we got some nice, cold winter weather.

Last week we went to the Danish bearded collie clubs chistmas dog show and Märta (Natterjack Starshine) was not only BOS, but also got her final CAC to become a Danish champion!