The year that has passed

2018 is coming to a close. We have so many nice memories with the dogs from the year that has passed.

One big change was the fact that Annas baby Marlon has got an obvious place in the pack. He likes the dogs and the dogs like him. Wilma sleeps next to Marlon when he is taking a nap, Lucy likes to play with Marlons toys and Marlon enjoys the long walks.

It has been a very hot summer in Sweden, but we have enjoyed staying a lot outdoors. Anna has been on a few hikes with Marlon in the backpack and we have taken walks in the forest picking lingonberries.

Valle and Nisse have gotten new haircuts. They look very cute! It is hard to imagine that Valle is already 8, almost 9 years old. Time flies. Ester also got a shorter haircut that she seems to enjoy.

It has been a good show year for Kafka and Edith. Kafka has become  BOB and BOS several times. The biggest success was when he was BIG2 in Ronneby. Edith has also been BOS a couple of times and she has now become a swedish and norwegian champion. The biggest success for Vallklanen was at the SvkFUR specialty where Edith got a CC, Kafka was BOS and his sister Hjördis was BOB and BIS2.

We had the pleasure of getting a litter after Nova (Vallklanens Northern Light) and Bingo (CH Moonfellow free spirit). Ebba and Gösta are two lovely puppies that we are excited to follow.

We were hoping to get a litter from Meija (Vallklanens Förgätmigej) but unfortunately she got pyometra and needed surgery. That was of course very sad, but we are happy that she is happy and well again!

We were also hoping for a litter after Elsa, but that didn’t happen. Keep your fingers crossed she will have puppies in 2019!

We have a younger generation of bearded collies here at Vallklanen. Vinny came to us from Hairdog’s this year. She is so cute and very promisinig. She is living with Anki quite close to us but we have met many times. Vinny was best puppy in breed at her first show in september.

Lucy came to us from Edit Upor in Hungary. She is a naughty and creative bitch, but very easy to love. Lucy has been to many smaller club shows and has been BOB-puppy and BIG-puppy twice and BIS3 puppy once. At the danish bearded collie club specialty she was best puppy. 

One of the highlights of the year was the Vallklanen meetup in Falkenberg. We have such nice puppy buyers. It was a great day to catch up with a lot of them! 

A lot of Vallklanen-dogs are doing well at competitions and shows. Busan (Vallklanens Bright at dusk) did a Swedish KC behavior and personality description (BPH) with her owner Ingrid. What a nice team! The same day our Edith also did the BPH. We are so happy that Kafka’s sister Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) got her therapy dog diploma earlier this year. Her owner Sirpa has done a great job and spent a lot of time to get this done. Impressive!

Siri and little sister Emma (Vallklanens Sweet Swede) went to a show for the first time and Emma was 3rd best bitch. Well done! Sister Vera (Vallklanens Devon Heartbreaker) has done great in agility moving up a level. Licorice (Vallklanens Sweet Licorice) was shown at Crufts and Hjördis (CH Vallklanens Devon Country Girl) has been BOB a couple of times and, as mentioned earlier, BIS2 at the specialty.

Bilbo (Vallklanens Benbecula Boy) has also gotten a baby boy in the family, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing with their training. Bilbo got great results at his first ever rally obedience competitions. Bea (AGHD I Vallklanens Bright as daylight) also did great in agility and moved up a level. Congratulations.

We are sorry if we forgot to mention anyone. It is just so nice to know that there are many great ambassadors for the breeds (bearded collie and puli) out there!  Let us also say that what is most important is that the dogs we sell have a great home and are happy. Getting results at competitions is just icing on the cake. 


Good news

A couple of weeks ago we got the fantastic news that Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) with owner Sirpa got the certificate to work as a therapy dog / care dog. Well done and congratulations you two!

At the same time we were in Leipzig with Edith and Kafka.

We showed the dogs at the German winner show where Edith became German junior winner 2017.  They were also shown at the world dog show. Edith got an excellent and Kafka was 4th in the champion class. We are still happy because there were so many nice dogs there.

Home again we got some nice, cold winter weather.

Last week we went to the Danish bearded collie clubs chistmas dog show and Märta (Natterjack Starshine) was not only BOS, but also got her final CAC to become a Danish champion!

Remembering summer

It is raining and the leaves are starting to change color. It feels like fall is here and we are remembering our summer…

Lovely walks by the sea:

Boat rides on the lake:

Walks in the forest:

Visiting Oliver and Maja in Gothenburg:

We got a visit from Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) and Emma (Vallklanens Sweet Swede).

Family picture with mother Ester and (half) siblings Edith, Kafka, Siri and Emma:

Emma looks a lot like her sister Edith:

Edith, Elsa and Sally came with us on a trip to Norway. We made many stops on the way, here in Borgvik and Hovfjället, Sweden:

We went to the SKK international and national all breed dog shows in Tvååker where Edith, our junior, was BOS two days in a row, and that with some nice competition. We are so proud of her. Kafka was 2nd dog both days.

Ester came along as company, here sitting between her good looking offspring Kafka and Edith.

We also made a nice trip to Bremen in Germany where Edith won the junior class both days and has now become a German junior champion (VDH JCH). Hugo helped to show her in best bitch class. Perhaps he is a future junior handler?!

Kafka and Edith are trying new beds:

It was a successful weekend where Elsa finally got her last CAC to become a German champion (VDH CH). Märta won her class and got a CAC and Kafka was BOS.

Now we are preparing for the fall. Anna will have a baby soon, we are going to the swedish bearded collie club’s breeder’s conference, to a couple of seminars about dog foods, we are going to the world dog show in Leipzig and much more.



Where did the past few months go? I think we need a bit of an update here!

We’ve said goodbye to both Piaf and Hygge. Piaf is now called Licorice (Vallklanens Sweet Licorice) and lives in Germany with a breeder who also has bearded collies. We are really happy for that! Hygge travelled to Devon, England, where he is also doing well!


In the beginning the house felt very empty without the puppies, but now Edith makes sure to keep us occupied.

15624312_196941767376472_165344730383646720_n 15534638_1913337092219578_3569738042023346176_n

We have been to a couple of shows. One in Hannover, Germany and one in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our dogs have done well. Märta was 4th best bitch at MyDog in Gothenburg. She was also crufts qualified because she won the junior class.

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-06-2215877322_1671052226526152_1220324651176034304_n 15876753_1655563714737720_1436476911936077824_n  15803312_1788310301433060_6919408041473343488_n14562046_1813351712263258_1112420998092685312_n

The dogs have taken turns to come with me to work. Even Edith has come to say hello to the elderly who live at the nursing home.


Ester and Kafka are living with Anna most of the time. We have finally finished building the new dog yard, where the dogs can hang out when Anna goes to work.  screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-38

It is not very far to the beach from Anna’s house, so the dogs get to go on a lot of beach walks.screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-59 screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-02 15624401_1808158746099278_1017964771648995328_n-copy

This weekend we went to visit Elsa.

dsc_6987 dsc_7015 dsc_6902 dsc_6855

Pernilla helped us to take a few photos. It was easier said than done to get everybody to focus…

alla4 alla3

…but finally we got a few nice shots.

alla2 puliannons

Roskilde x2

We have been to Roskilde in Denmark with Kafka, Elsa and Märta.


Our bearded collied didn’t do as well as we would have hoped but they got excellent critiques. It was also a really good opportunity for Märta to practice at a bigger show, meet many people and dogs.

DSC_0728 DSC_0726

Kafka, our puli, did really well. He got CAC and Cacib 2 days in a row. He was 2nd best male and was a real show off in the ring.

DSC_0867 DSC_0893

Tino Pehar was judging day 1 and he gave Kafka the following critique: “20 months old, short in body, strong young boy, nice head with enough long muzzle, good eye expression, nice outline, correct angulations, good coat for age, fantastic movements” DSC_0818DSC_0821

We met many friends with their lovely dogs. Amon them Pia with her very cute russkaya tsvetnaya bolonka “Bella”, Lena with her pumi “Loremo” and Jesper with the puli “Bubbles”:

DSC_0614 DSC_0664 DSC_0710


This weekend we were in Lingen, Germany with Sally, Elsa and Kafka. Early morning before heading off we took this photo of Wilma on one of her favourite spots in the garden:


It was a really nice trip where we hung out with our friend Jesper. A surprise for us was that our show rings were outside. At first it went really well because the sun was out, but as the day passed it got more and more windy, and finally the rain and hail came.We were freezing cold.

Dispite the weather we had a great day with great results in the show. We also got to know some new friends.

Sally, 9 years old, was BOB-veteran and be came a German veteran champion.

DSC_0483 DSC_0495Elsa, not yet two years old, was BOB. Judge: Attila Czeglédi from Hungary.


Our puli Kafka, 21 months old, was BOS. Keeper (CH. Bubbleton Told you so) was BOB.


It was time for us to get inside and eat something warm before the finals.

Sally was not placed in best veteran. However, she had a great time. She was running well and was wagging her tale. She is so much fun to show.


Elsa mad the shortlist, but was not placed in group 1.


Keeper was BIG2. Congratulations Jesper!


We went to Germany with three dogs and came home with 3 CACs, 3 Cacib, 1 BOB, 1 BOS, 1 BOB-veteran and a new German veteran champion. Not bad at all!!!


Welcome Märta

Now we have finally got our puppie Märta (Natterjack Starshine) after Lipton (CH. Lärkängens Aiming for the stars) and Lula (CH. Malandex Xploits with Natterjack).

Exactly one week ago we started our trip to England. Sally came along as company. The first day we made it all the way to Dunkerque in France. After a day with constant rain we were really lucky to see the sun when we finally made it to the coast. We went for a wonderful, but windy, walk along the beach.

IMG_9294 (1) IMG_9292 (1) IMG_9290 (1) IMG_9298 (1) IMG_9288 (1) IMG_9289 (1) IMG_1875

On sunday the 31st of january we took the tunnel from Calais to Folkestone and met up with David Hyde at a dog show in Bognar Regis. He was showing Margot (Natterjack Dwarka’s Dream) who not only was BOB but also BIG. Congrats!

IMG_9307 IMG_9313

Margot is a lovely bitch and is also a half sister to Märta.

In the afternoon we went to Portsmouth to finally meet with Märta. She was called Myrtle before and it is a very lovely name. We still call her both Märta and Myrtle. I think that will not change. In Sweden we say that a loved child has many names….

We got to cuddle a lot with Märta and with her brother Archer (Natterjack Starman). Archer will stay with David and Debbie. Märta and Archer also have a litter sister called Carla who has already moved to her new home.

IMG_1882IMG_9349 IMG_1892 IMG_1902

We had a great time and really want to thank you David and Debbie for letting us stay with you (and of course for letting us bring Märta with us home).

IMG_9388 IMG_9412 (1)

We started our trip back home again. We took it really easy. The first day we just drove for a couple of hours back to the tunnel. We slept in a cozy hotel and also made a quick stop to see the white cliffs of Dover.

IMG_1943IMG_9391 IMG_9410

Märta is a positive bitch. She wants to say hello to both people and dogs that we pass on our way. Her tail is constantly wagging. She has been easy going and been curious exploring new places. IMG_1941IMG_1935

She got many hours to sleep and relax in the car because the drive through Belgium, Holland and Germany took some time. We made a few stops along the way for the dogs to play.

IMG_9489 IMG_9481

We slept one final night in the north of Germany. The dogs followed us to the restaurant and Märta flirted with the other guests.

It was really nice to finally get back home. Kafka and Märta directly started playing. Now Märta has been with us for a few days and we love her already. We are excited to see how she grows and develops and we are looking forward to get to know her. We will start a puppy class on monday. To be continued….

Welcome to Sweden Märta!

Dortmund 2015


We had a great weekend in Dortmund. We had 6 dogs with us in the camper, so it was a bit crowded, but a lot of fun. IMG_1209

Biffen (Szarcsa´s Elusive Element) wonders if he can also sit in the couch. Biffen was best junior in the breed both on the international dog show and Dortmund Bundessieger so now he is a VDH junior champion and got a Crufts qualification.  IMG_1107

Ester and Sally in the sofa:IMG_1211 IMG_1217

Kafka was BOS with CC and Cacib both days. Cafka also got a Crufts qualification.


Ester won the championclass and was 2nd best bitch on friday. On sunday she was not only BOB, but also went on to become BIG 2 for judge Wera Hübenthal.

Valle ❤


Elsa really surprised us at the friday intenational dog show. She was best of breed with CC and Cacib. On sunday she was 3rd in intermediate class.  IMG_1155IMG_1165

Sally also had a fantastic weekend! She was best veteran both days, but she also became Best in show veteran on friday!!!! She is now a VDH veteran champion.

IMG_1252IMG_1222It is always a lot of fun to go on our trips with with dogs, but it is also nice to come back home again.  IMG_8314 IMG_8320


Last week we went to Dortmund in Germany with our dogs Kafka, Elsa and Nisse. Kafka got 3 CACs and is now a VDH junior champion!


Kafkas sister Hjördis (Vallklanens Devon Country Girl) also became a VDH junior champion. They also both got the titles VDH Europa-jugendsieger 2015 and VDH Frühjarhrs-jugendsieger 2015. Congrats!




Congrats from Roskilde

Big congratulations to Sally and Hebbe’s offspring who turn 1 years old today. Doris, Bella, Elsa, Imla, Edda, Totiki, Mållgan, Bilbo, Sigge, Lewis and Dennis – We hope you had a great birthday!


One of the 11 charming bearded collies is the picture is “Elsa” Vallklanens Armadale Gal who celebrated her birthday in Roskilde, Denmark. We have been to a DKK all bred dog show this weekend.

IMG_5810web IMG_5806web

On saturday Elsa did really well. She was best junior bitch with excellent and CQ and she also became 2 best bitch! Judge was Jesper Ravn from Denmark. IMG_5887web

Kafka also had an excellent saturday. He was also best junior with excellent and CQ. He was also 3 best dog with a CAC! This was Kafkas first dog show as a junior. Judge was Michael Laub from Denmark.


We staid in a caravan so we were able to bring all our dogs. Janne took care of Wilma, Ester and Sally when we (Anna and Inger) went to the show with Elsa and Kafka. When we came back to the caravan we had a big hugging party.

IMG_5822web IMG_5823web IMG_5825web IMG_5826web

The weather has been awful with rain and wind. After our evening walk we had 5 very wet dogs!

IMG_5853web IMG_5859webIMG_5864web

Sally CH. Breaker choice for Victory (in the picture above) has just turned 8 years old a few days ago. It has been a while since she went to a dog show, but this year we will enroll her in veteran class for the first time. That is something to look forward to.

Saturday night we spend in the caravand with the dogs.


Today, sunday, was another early morning for us. Elsa had another exciting day with excellent, CQ, best junior bitch and 4 best bitch of the day. She is now qualified for Crufts 2016. Judge was Kitty Sjong.


Kafka also did well. Today he got excellent and became best junior dog so he is also qualified for Crufts 2016. Perhaps we will have to go to England next year?! Judge was Morten Matthes.


On the picture above is Kafka next to his grandfather Rya CH Bubbleton Hot’n spicy. In the picture below Rya is looking down at us from his grooming table. Later he went on to become BIS 3 – veteran. Huge congratulations!


It has been a very nice weekend with success for our juniors but also very nice company by the ring side.