We are hoping for puppies

Freya (Vallklanens Blue Eclipse) is a blue bitch who lives on the swedish west coast. This spring she has temporarily moved to us in Äskilt, and we are hoping that she will have puppies. She has just been shown once as a junior and the judge awarded her an “excellent”. She has HD B. We love Freya because she is an uncomplicated, very friendly, cuddely and happy bitch.

It has just been a couple of weeks since Freya was mated with charming Assar (Alistair’s Way of life) who is a danish, norwegian and swedish champion. He has also done a BPH (Swedish KC behaviour and personality description). He is a sound, balanced, kind, cool dog. He has HD A.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Freya will get puppies in the beginning of May. We will know in the first week of April when we plan to do an ultra sound.