Herding & visitors in Malmö

The last month Kafka has gotten some company in Malmö. First it was Sally who came to live with Anna and Kafka in Malmö for a week. They went for nice walks in the city.


After Sally’s visit it was Wilmas turn to come and live with Anna and Kafka for a few weeks. The weather was awesome and they went for many long walks around Malmö.


The fall has arrived and it is so nice to go for long walks in this beautiful weather.


Last weekend Kafka and Wilma got to go herding. Wilma has tried it before and knew what to do. She was really focused. Kafka met the sheep and tried herding for the first time.

When he first was introduced to she sheep they were kept inside a fenced area. Kafka was on the outside and he paid just a little attention to them. However, the second time he met them inside the pasture he really figured out what to do. He was able to steer the sheep in an 8-shape around the pasture, keeping a nice, calm pace. It was a lot of fun watching him work. He was jumping around and seemed really happy to do the work.

Thank you Carina for inviting us and Lottie for giving us instructions. We had so much fun!