Level up

Last weekend we were out with the camper and the dogs. That saturday we went to Markaryd and a rally obedience competition where Märta did a really good round with 89 points (out of 100).

The weather was beautiful last week and we went to visit Lotte and Jan, Valle and Nisse in Klippan. On the sunday we did an excursion to the national park of Söderåsen. Anna also came with Kafka and Ester so we had 8 dogs with us and got some attention from other hikers. 

Kopparhatten, a nice viewpoint in the park:

On the monday our tour continued to Höör where Märta and I competed in rally obedience again. This time she got 96 points and came in second place!

Afterwards we went for a nice walk in the forest among the spring flowers:

Today was the third time Märta got good points in a rally obedience competition, with 94 points we came in 4th place. This also means that Märta has gotten her first title (RLD N) and will move up from the beginners level to the next level. We are on a roll 🙂

Elsa is in season

Since the last time we wrote in out blog Elsa (CH Vallklanens Armadale Gal) has done a behaviour and pesonality description through the Swedish Kennelclub. She has also gotten a final Cacib to become an international champion. Now we are just waiting for the confirmation from the FCI. She has just now come in season and we are hoping that she will have puppies this summer. We will soon post some more information on our puppies page.

We have spent the easter weekend with our family and the dogs.

Hugo and Oliver played and also cuddled with the dogs:

Lotte and Jan came to visit and brought Valle (CH Vallklanens Old Ben Lomond) and Nisse (Vallklanens Sgt Pepper):

We took the opportunity to take some new photos of Edith who is now 8 months old and Märta who is a year and half:

We hope that you all had a happy easter!

Happy new year

We celebrated the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 at home in the forest (as usual). The dogs had a calm evening without fireworks. We started the new year with a long walk in the fog.


The dogs Valle, Kafka, Sally, Wilma, Valle and Ester with Jan, Janne, Inger and Lotte:DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0029 DSC_0035 DSC_0040 DSC_0063 DSC_0083

We wish our friends a happy new year!

Møns klint

11051994_837889306248477_5208689006121538752_nToday we came home from a mini break in Denmark. Yesterday we went to a dog show in Nykøbing. Elsa (Vallklanens Armadale Gal) did really well.  She got excellent, CQ and was BOS with a danish CAC. (Thank you Anneli Dahl for the picture)

The judge Rita Kadike-Skadina said the following about Elsa:

Nice Junior, excellent condition and proportions, lovely head, excellent body, correct angulations, good topline and tail, good volume, nice movment, nice temperament. 

Congratulations to Edvin (CH No-Nonsense’s Jéróme) who became a danish champion and was BOB!

It did not go well at all with Nisse (Vallklanens Sgt Pepper). He did not want to show his teeth and the judge sent him out of the ring. It was awful to read the critique written by the judge. It sounds as if he wanted to bite her, which was not the case at all. We will have to practice with Nisse, because of course he should show his teeth, but he is not aggressive as is sounded like in the critique.

We are happy that Elsa got a CAC and became BOS!

After the dog show we went to a place called Møns klint. It was a really beautiful place!

IMG_2922 IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2930 IMG_2932

We hope that you all had a nice easter weekend. The dogs who staid home in Äskilt enjoyed the sunny spring weather. Below you see Wilma who was happy with her bone.



Boys came for a visit

Today Lotte and Jan came for a visit with their beardie-boys Nisse and Valle.


Sally, Kafka, Wilma, Ester, Nisse and Valle.



It is nice that the snow has finally come. We hope that it will remain cold for a while.

Last week, when it was raining, the dogs came with me to work.

10965118_871765919542561_750987527_oLast week we also had some time for social training with Kafka and Elsa at the Halmstad dog arena. Mikale Nilsson lead the ring practice.