Congrats to the three year olds

A big congratulations to Dennis, Sigge, Imla, Bilbo, Lewis, Elsa, Totiki, Mållgan, Doris ,Bella and Edda who are turning 3 years old today!

We hope that you are all doing great. We have wonderful memories from this litter.

Elsa has “celebrated” her birthday by mating with a handsome boy. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have puppies at Vallklanen this summer ❤


Elsa is in season

Since the last time we wrote in out blog Elsa (CH Vallklanens Armadale Gal) has done a behaviour and pesonality description through the Swedish Kennelclub. She has also gotten a final Cacib to become an international champion. Now we are just waiting for the confirmation from the FCI. She has just now come in season and we are hoping that she will have puppies this summer. We will soon post some more information on our puppies page.

We have spent the easter weekend with our family and the dogs.

Hugo and Oliver played and also cuddled with the dogs:

Lotte and Jan came to visit and brought Valle (CH Vallklanens Old Ben Lomond) and Nisse (Vallklanens Sgt Pepper):

We took the opportunity to take some new photos of Edith who is now 8 months old and Märta who is a year and half:

We hope that you all had a happy easter!

Lovely colors

It’s been a lovely October with beautiful colors.


We are enjoying our time with the three puli puppies. Soon Edith will be the only one left. They boy is moving to England and the bitch to Germany. dsc_6369dsc_6364dsc_6381






Hygge hiding behind bigger brother Kafka:dsc_6389

Fall is here

It has been a mild fall this far and we are really enjoying spending a lot of time outside. The puppies love to play in the garden, jump around in the blueberry bushes, bite Wilma in the tail, hang out with the big dogs, play tug of war with sticks and also to escape through the fence 🙂 Today we walked down to the lake.

dsc_5840 dsc_5843piaf-i-ta%cc%88ten dsc_5836piaf-o-kafka dsc_5831hygge-i-mitten dsc_5874 dsc_5880

The puppies are now 9 weeks old and they have become much more independent. They sometimes stroll off and explore the surroundings by themselves.


dsc_5821hygge dsc_5866hyggedsc_5943hygge


dsc_5895edith dsc_5892edithdsc_5887edith



We are still looking for a home for the girl we call Piaf ❤

Edith or Piaf

The puppies are 8 weeks old and three of them have now left to their new homes. We are sure that they will be well taken care of and loved!

Last week we took the puppies to the vet to get them checked, chipped and vaccinated. That went really well. We also took the group picture of the whole litter, a tradition at Vallklanen.


Edith, Karla, Piaf, Luna, Emma, Hygge


Edith, Karla, Luna, Piaf, Emma, Hygge

At home we still have three puppies: Edith, Hygge och Piaf. Hygge is the male that will move to England later this fall. We will keep a bitch. Will it be Edith or Piaf? Most likely Edith, because that has been the plan for the past couple of weeks…. but Piaf is so cute and funny and sweet. We love her more and more each day. Oh, if we could only keep all of the puppies!!

Edith posing:




If we would have been able to keep both Edith and Piaf we would, but that is not a good option. So now we are looking for a loving home for Piaf. If she gets to move to a show home that would be great, but it is not a requirement. The picture below was taken of Piaf when she was 5 weeks old, but it is Piaf in a nutshell. She is the little clown in the litter!



We’ve had a wonderful summer and fall. We have been able to spend a lot of time outside with the puppies.



Kafka is now 2 years and 2 months old.

dsc_5676 dsc_5668

A real handsome bigger brother to this litter of puppies. It took him a while to figure out that puppies are a lot of fun. This past week he has played with them quite a lot. Well well, Edith is staying…Or Piaf?! No Edith! Piaf?…


The puppies have now been registered in the Swedish kennel club. The dog is named Vallklanens special treat. The bitches are named Vallklanens sweet licorice, Vallklanens Danish delight, Vallklanens special licorice, Vallklanens sweet Swede and Vallklanens delightful treat.



Almost 3 weeks old

On thursday the puppies will be 3 weeks old and now the fun begins. They can hear and see and they have also started to discover each other and the world. They have started walking very determined but still on shaky legs.

Ester continues to take well care of them. Today the puppies got to try “real” food for the first time, which was very much appreciated. (That is also why some of the puppies look a bit “dirty” in the pictures 🙂 )

Bitch 1 (Diamond):

diamant 1diamant 2

Bitch 2 (Red):

röd 1röd 3röd 4

Bitch 3 (Pink):

rosarosa 1rosa 2

Bitch 4 (Gold):

guld 1guld 2guld 3

Bitch 5:

svart 1svart 3


hane 1hane 3hane 4

When the puppies are three weeks old we might take them outside for the first time, so keep your fingers crossed that we will have good weather this coming week.

Ester & Kilroys puppies

The 28th of july Ester got puppies! The sire is Kilroy (Bubbleton Act of Sin) who lives outside of Copenhagen in Denmark. He is a really nice dog!

Kilroy o Ester

The puppies have become one week old and they all seems healthy and strong. alla 2

In the litter there are 5 bitches and one dog, all black, so as you can imagine it will be difficult for us to see who is who. The male is of course easy to spot. One of the bitches has a diamond shaped white spot on her forechest, so she is also easy to find. So with 4 bitches remaining we have marked 3 of them with a tiny bit of nailpolish in different colors (red, pink and gold).


hane 3hane 2

Bitch 1 (Diamond):

diamant 3

Bitch 2 (Red):

röd 2röd 5

Bitch 3 (Pink):

rosa 2

Bitch 4 (Gold):

guld 3guld 1

Bitch 5:

svart 1svart 2