january 2018

We have been lucky to get lots of snow this january. We love it and the dogs love it!

We also took some photos for the bearded collie yearbook.



Good news

A couple of weeks ago we got the fantastic news that Siri (Vallklanens Dartmoor Dreamer) with owner Sirpa got the certificate to work as a therapy dog / care dog. Well done and congratulations you two!

At the same time we were in Leipzig with Edith and Kafka.

We showed the dogs at the German winner show where Edith became German junior winner 2017.  They were also shown at the world dog show. Edith got an excellent and Kafka was 4th in the champion class. We are still happy because there were so many nice dogs there.

Home again we got some nice, cold winter weather.

Last week we went to the Danish bearded collie clubs chistmas dog show and Märta (Natterjack Starshine) was not only BOS, but also got her final CAC to become a Danish champion!

Winter land


Today we have enjoyed the outdoors. The sun has come out from time to time. The dogs love to be outside, run on the frozen lake and play in the snow.


Boys came for a visit

Today Lotte and Jan came for a visit with their beardie-boys Nisse and Valle.


Sally, Kafka, Wilma, Ester, Nisse and Valle.



It is nice that the snow has finally come. We hope that it will remain cold for a while.

Last week, when it was raining, the dogs came with me to work.

10965118_871765919542561_750987527_oLast week we also had some time for social training with Kafka and Elsa at the Halmstad dog arena. Mikale Nilsson lead the ring practice.




We ended 2014 with a trip to Trysil in Norway. The dogs were enjoying the snow and we were enjoying skeeing the slopes and spending quality time with the family.






We spent the evenings in the apartment. Sally and Kafka became real friends during our trip. DSC_0349

We saw this beautiful sky on one of our very cold morning walks: IMG_4768 IMG_4770 IMG_4774

Now we are back home in Sweden and we will have to be content with a winter without snow. IMG_2600 IMG_2592

We want to wish you all a great 2015!