Rally summer

We have been to a few rally obedience competitions this summer. One of them was the swedish bearded collie clubs yearly competition.

Märta (RLD N Natterjack Starshine) competed in the intermediate level. We didn’t get qualifying points, but were happy anyways. She was so positive and we tried our best.

Sally competed in the champions class, and got 87 points out of 100. Unfortunately we would need 90 points to get a CC, but we are happy!

This summer we have given some extra effort to our training. For example, Sally and I got to meet Hanna Nilsson who has been competing in the national team in rally obedience, for some coaching. That was very valuable for us!

In july we went to an evening competition in Falkenberg. Sally and Märta competed, and Märta did really well with 89 points and was placed 4th in her class.

We also got some visitors. Busan (Vallklanens Bright at dusk) came to visit with her owner. Busan is a really lovely fawn bearded collie!

Sigge (Vallklanens Barra Boy) came to visit with his family and he is a positive, happy, good looking boy!

We also met with Wille (Vallklanens first into the light), and he was so happy to see us, all the pictures were blurry. It is always nice to meet with dogs that we have sold, and see that they are doing well.



On sunday we had a Vallklanen gathering in Ljungby. It was a lovely group of people and dogs that came and we got some time to BBQ, practice rally obedience and agility and just hang out and talk. 25 dogs were there with their owners. A big thank you to everyone who came!


Tina and Bailey:



Geija, who is a copy of her mother Wilma:DSC_2234

Wilma and Agneta:DSC_2240

Wille and Tuva:DSC_2246

Anna was going to train rally obedience with Sixten. Malkin came a long as well. DSC_2262

Cajsa with Soya and Vera:DSC_2268

Cajsa and Vera:DSC_2272

Sofie training agility with Meija:DSC_2280DSC_2281




Elsa with her brother Sigge:DSC_2328DSC_2330DSC_2351

Kattis trying some rally obedience with Vallter and Melvin:DSC_2362

Sally and Wilma:DSC_2392

Märta took the liberty to try some agility by herself (which is quite dangerous) so luckily Tina could give her some guidande. DSC_2432

Märta and Sally:DSC_2440

We hope that we will all meet soon again.

Sunny gathering

This weekend the summer arrived in the south of Sweden and we got to enjoy sunshine and hot weather at our gathering in Ljungby. It is a yearly gathering of hungarian breeds, an initiative from a few members in the specialty club SvkFUR, and it is always a lot of fun! This year we got to try both agility and rally obedience, and of course there was a BBQ.

DSC_1010DSC_0971DSC_1055 DSC_0926

More than 20 pulis, a couple of pumis and of course a few bearded collies were there. We were happy to see Vera and Bea, two bitches from Vallklanen.  DSC_1127

Vera with her owner Cajsa won the agility competition. DSC_1075DSC_1076

Kafka was second in the rally obedience competition:


Even if our bearded collies did not join the competition they also got to practice some obedience.





The dogs got to run free at the nice club in Ljungby.  DSC_1062 Marta running DSC_1043 DSC_1019

Family picture of Vera, Kafka and mother Ester:DSC_1185 DSC_1190

When we got home the dogs went for a swim in the lake.  DSC_1271


We have been in Ljungby to meet with other hungarian dogs in Sweden. Thank you Marianne and Ulf for organizing this gathering every year. It has been so much fun! We were lucky with the weather. No rain and towards the end of the day we even got sunshine.

Rya (CH. Bubbleton Hot’n Spicy) running free:


Marianne with Rya, Olga and Olgas puppy Honey ❤DSC_0034 DSC_0075

Krulle, a pumi, says hello to Biffen, a puli:DSC_0119

During the day we could try agility, rally obedience, get help with trimming and ring training.

DSC_0087 DSC_0090 DSC_0081

Out of the tunnel comes Vera, Kafkas sister. We are really glad that Anneli, Kajsa and Christer came with their dogs Soya, Bea and Vera! DSC_0102

Bea, the blondie, got some company from a puli blonde.


Vera and her brother Kafka:


Vera and Kafka’s sister Hjördis also came to Ljungby with owner Jenny.  We tried to get a picture with Ester and her 3 children, but that was easier said than done. A lot of dogs wanted to join in the picture…


Luckily Anneli got a photo of us. Kajsa with Vera, Inger with Ester and Kafka and Anna with Hjördis:


Jenny also brought her 6 month old puppy called “Biffen”. A real charming boy:


Kafka is giving Inger som love!


Ester with her sister Traja (CH. Impeccable Fourth Right on Track)DSC_0191

Kafka playing with Sally and Wilma:DSC_0201 DSC_0202

Our beautiful Ester (C.I.B NORD CH FI CH FIW-13 Impeccable Fourth miss Congeniality) 4 years old

DSC_0212 DSC_0227

We are home and the dogs are sleeping tight. Thank you all for a great day!