Level up

Last weekend we were out with the camper and the dogs. That saturday we went to Markaryd and a rally obedience competition where Märta did a really good round with 89 points (out of 100).

The weather was beautiful last week and we went to visit Lotte and Jan, Valle and Nisse in Klippan. On the sunday we did an excursion to the national park of Söderåsen. Anna also came with Kafka and Ester so we had 8 dogs with us and got some attention from other hikers. 

Kopparhatten, a nice viewpoint in the park:

On the monday our tour continued to Höör where Märta and I competed in rally obedience again. This time she got 96 points and came in second place!

Afterwards we went for a nice walk in the forest among the spring flowers:

Today was the third time Märta got good points in a rally obedience competition, with 94 points we came in 4th place. This also means that Märta has gotten her first title (RLD N) and will move up from the beginners level to the next level. We are on a roll 🙂


Where did the past few months go? I think we need a bit of an update here!

We’ve said goodbye to both Piaf and Hygge. Piaf is now called Licorice (Vallklanens Sweet Licorice) and lives in Germany with a breeder who also has bearded collies. We are really happy for that! Hygge travelled to Devon, England, where he is also doing well!


In the beginning the house felt very empty without the puppies, but now Edith makes sure to keep us occupied.

15624312_196941767376472_165344730383646720_n 15534638_1913337092219578_3569738042023346176_n

We have been to a couple of shows. One in Hannover, Germany and one in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our dogs have done well. Märta was 4th best bitch at MyDog in Gothenburg. She was also crufts qualified because she won the junior class.

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-06-2215877322_1671052226526152_1220324651176034304_n 15876753_1655563714737720_1436476911936077824_n  15803312_1788310301433060_6919408041473343488_n14562046_1813351712263258_1112420998092685312_n

The dogs have taken turns to come with me to work. Even Edith has come to say hello to the elderly who live at the nursing home.


Ester and Kafka are living with Anna most of the time. We have finally finished building the new dog yard, where the dogs can hang out when Anna goes to work.  screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-38

It is not very far to the beach from Anna’s house, so the dogs get to go on a lot of beach walks.screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-59 screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-17-05-02 15624401_1808158746099278_1017964771648995328_n-copy

This weekend we went to visit Elsa.

dsc_6987 dsc_7015 dsc_6902 dsc_6855

Pernilla helped us to take a few photos. It was easier said than done to get everybody to focus…

alla4 alla3

…but finally we got a few nice shots.

alla2 puliannons


On sunday we had a Vallklanen gathering in Ljungby. It was a lovely group of people and dogs that came and we got some time to BBQ, practice rally obedience and agility and just hang out and talk. 25 dogs were there with their owners. A big thank you to everyone who came!


Tina and Bailey:



Geija, who is a copy of her mother Wilma:DSC_2234

Wilma and Agneta:DSC_2240

Wille and Tuva:DSC_2246

Anna was going to train rally obedience with Sixten. Malkin came a long as well. DSC_2262

Cajsa with Soya and Vera:DSC_2268

Cajsa and Vera:DSC_2272

Sofie training agility with Meija:DSC_2280DSC_2281




Elsa with her brother Sigge:DSC_2328DSC_2330DSC_2351

Kattis trying some rally obedience with Vallter and Melvin:DSC_2362

Sally and Wilma:DSC_2392

Märta took the liberty to try some agility by herself (which is quite dangerous) so luckily Tina could give her some guidande. DSC_2432

Märta and Sally:DSC_2440

We hope that we will all meet soon again.

The beach


Today we went to the beach in Halmstad with the dogs. The weather was wonderful and the dogs really enjoyed themselves.

Wilma takes the lead:




Märta and Ester:**DSC_0288 **DSC_0239**DSC_0230**DSC_0246**DSC_0107**DSC_0109


Playing with Kira


The puppy Kira has been visiting us this weekend and Märta, Kafka and Kira have had so much fun playing together:


Märta knows how to get Sally in to mood to play:


We went for an excursion to Simlångsdalen in the afternoon and went for a lovely walk along the lake:


Ester and Kafka:DSC_0120DSC_0034DSC_0060

Winter land


Today we have enjoyed the outdoors. The sun has come out from time to time. The dogs love to be outside, run on the frozen lake and play in the snow.


Happy new year

We celebrated the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 at home in the forest (as usual). The dogs had a calm evening without fireworks. We started the new year with a long walk in the fog.


The dogs Valle, Kafka, Sally, Wilma, Valle and Ester with Jan, Janne, Inger and Lotte:DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0029 DSC_0035 DSC_0040 DSC_0063 DSC_0083

We wish our friends a happy new year!

Green christmas


Christmas is almost here, but it is hard to really feel the christmas spirit when it is still so green and mild outside. The dogs are happy anyways, but we are all really looking forward to snow and colder weather.

Today Sally, Wilma, Ester and Kafka have been outside in the garden playing for hours.


Kafka gives his mom Ester a kiss:KafkaochEster

Then he goes on to play with Sally, who has found a stick to chew on:KafkaSally




Herding & visitors in Malmö

The last month Kafka has gotten some company in Malmö. First it was Sally who came to live with Anna and Kafka in Malmö for a week. They went for nice walks in the city.


After Sally’s visit it was Wilmas turn to come and live with Anna and Kafka for a few weeks. The weather was awesome and they went for many long walks around Malmö.


The fall has arrived and it is so nice to go for long walks in this beautiful weather.


Last weekend Kafka and Wilma got to go herding. Wilma has tried it before and knew what to do. She was really focused. Kafka met the sheep and tried herding for the first time.

When he first was introduced to she sheep they were kept inside a fenced area. Kafka was on the outside and he paid just a little attention to them. However, the second time he met them inside the pasture he really figured out what to do. He was able to steer the sheep in an 8-shape around the pasture, keeping a nice, calm pace. It was a lot of fun watching him work. He was jumping around and seemed really happy to do the work.

Thank you Carina for inviting us and Lottie for giving us instructions. We had so much fun!