2012: Sally & Scott

The 16th of january 2012, Vallklanens Kennel got a litter with 6 black puppies.

“Sally” SE UCH DK UCH DK V-11 LP1 RLD N Breaker Choice for Victory 

&  “Scott” NO UCH SE UCH FIN UCH NO V-09 Ramsgrove Borkason

Sally 2013

Scott Ramsgrove Borkason

CH Ramsgrove Borkason CH Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove CH Gillaber Drummond
CH Natterjack’s Just Perfectfordiotima
Farmarens Essential for Ramsgrove CH Farmarens Hillside Hickory
CH Igor’s Black Now Or Never
CH Breaker Choice For Victory CH Now And Then Hole-In-One CH Now And Then Yankee Doodle Two
CH Now And Then Cutting The Edge
CH Beardmarked’s Named Tequila CH Beardmarked’s Celestial Charmer
Beardmarked’s Name Of The Game

Their names are:

“Zelda” Vallklanens Champagne Supernova

“Honey” Vallklanens She’s Got the Look

“Sixten” Vallklanens Dressed for Success

“Angus” Vallklanens Jumping Jack Flash

“Nisse” Vallklanens Sgt Pepper

“Vallter” Vallklanens Rolling Stone