2016: Ester & Kilroy

On the 28th of july 2016 we got a litter with 6 black puli puppies (5 bitches, a dog).

Kilroy och Ester färg

The sire, Kilroy, is a friendly and very nice puli and lives with his family in Copenhagen, Denmark. The dam, Ester, lives with us. They are both international champions and both have HD: A.

CH Bubbleton Act of Sin CH Bubbleton Sea of Sin CH Bubbleton Hot’n Spicy
CH Bubbleton That’s the Spirit
CH Tincses-Kincsem Juliska CH Rasztari-Duci Daru
CH Tincses-Kincsem Ecset
CH Impeccable Fourth Miss Congeniality CH Bubbleton Hot’n Spicy CH Prydain or Nothing
CH Bubbleton Birthday Bijou

CH Rasztari-Duci Csikasz

Csaholó-Borzas Cimbi
CH Napfényvárosi-Csahos Duci


The puppies names are: 

“Hygge” Vallklanens Special Treat 

“Edith” Vallklanens Danish Delight

“Piaf” Vallklanens Sweet Licorice

“Emma” Vallklanens Sweet Swede

“Luna” Vallklanens Delightful Treat

“Karla” Vallklanens Special Licorice