2019: Freya & Assar

On april 29th we got 5 puppies, brown and black after Assar (CH Alistair’s Way of Life) and Freya (Vallklanens Blue Eclipse).

Porträtt på hanen Assar och tiken Freya.

CH Alistair’s way of life CH Beastly’s Tweed Kettle CH No Nonsense’s Baronbyron
CH Beastly’s Never Mind
CH Alistair’s One Look You’re Hooked CH Alistair’s Jolly Good Fellow
CH Alistair’s Fly me to the moon
Vallklanens Blue Eclipse Philemon Breaking News CH Pipadene Roving Reporter
Moonhill Lady In Blue
Breaker Dazzling Black Beauty CH Spirit Of Caledonia David
CH Beardmarked’s Named Tequila


The puppies names are:

“Bosse” Vallklanens Mac Dubh

“Svansson” Vallklanens Craigh na Dun

“Bonnie” Vallklanens Sassenach

“Pepper” Vallklanens Outlander

“Disa” Vallklanens Lallybroch